Financial Wellness

From one-on-one coaching to monthly workshops on relevant topics with certified financial advisers, Cal Coast values providing free financial education to our 成员s. 

Financial Tools

Free 资源 in 2023

  1. Financial Fitness 在线研讨会: we are continuing to offer monthly webinars this year with expert financial fitness coaches. These webinars are informative 和 provide tangible solutions to take control of 你的 finances, plan for 你的 future 和 save for life's important milestones.
  2. 1:1 韦德体育开户ized Coaching: One of the beautiful things about being a 成员 of Cal Coast is our free 1:1 financial coaching services. This is exclusive to our 成员s, 100% confidential 和 customized to fit 你的 goals. We have so many success stories from this program 和 it's no cost to 你 other than some time 和 commitment.
  3. Wealth Management: Similar to our 1:1 coaching, we offer our 成员s access to financial advisors who can help 你 achieve 你的 financial goals. Schedule a free consultation  在我们的网站上. Our financial advisors help 成员s with retirement planning, ira, 共同基金, 股票, 和 so much more.
  4. 丰富: Your source for financial wellness 和 education featuring 动态和 interactive 工具, courses 和 resources to deliver a highly personalized experience designed just for 你.

Helping You Achieve Financial Prosperity

在加州海岸, our 成员s are our most important asset 和 it’s our mission to simplify their lives in order to help them achieve financial prosperity.

We're not only a full-service financial institution that offers the same products 和 services as the larger banks (with lower rates of course), 但对我们来说, it’s also about education 和 providing valualbe resources for our 成员 through our financial wellness programs. 


We are constantly growing 和 adapting our financial wellness initiatives as the needs of our 成员s change. Impacting the lives of our 成员s by helping them reduce debt, save for personal 和 professional goals 和 live a prosperous life is the reason we exist.

Here are some of the most popular Cal Coast Financial Wellness programs, offered exclusively to our 成员s:

Enrich Financial Wellness Tools & 资源

Introducing Enrich!  Your source for financial wellness 和 education featuring 动态和 interactive 工具, courses 和 resources to deliver a highly personalized experience designed just for . 

预算 & Financial Coaching

Our free one-on-one financial coaching with a certified financial coach is popular with our 成员s 和 we are proud to have some amazing success stories come out of this program. 

California Coast Financial 服务1

We offer our 成员s a complimentary consultation with one of our expert financial advisers  – whether 你’re curious about how to start investing, planning for retirement or have questions about life insurance, 你 will receive honest 和 personalized advice that sets 你 up for success.

In addition to our 成员-specific programs, we also offer opportunities open to the public, whether 你 are a Cal Coast 成员 or not, we welcome 你 to take advantage of these programs. Here are a few of those programs:

Monthly Workshops2

We host workshops every month on a Wednesday afternoon. The workshops range on a variety of relevant topics related to personal finance. Light refreshments are provided.  At this time, all workshops are virtual. Please register online to receive an email with the link. 

Financial Wellness 博客

We constantly develop content with free advice, tips 和 工具 available in the Articles section of our website. 你可以过滤 文章 by topic or keyword. We research the most common questions 和 needs of our community 和 then our certified coaches provide detailed solutions on a variety of topics related to budgeting, paying off debt, 储蓄, investing 和 fraud prevention.

Bite of Realty Youth Literacy Sessions 

We offer these sessions at local schools in San Diego 和 Riverside county. If 你 are an educator 和 would like more information on Bite of Reality, please email

Financial Tips

6 Tips to Boost Your Credit Score

Your credit score is one measure of 你的 financial health 和 whether 你’re responsibly managing 你的 money. Lenders often use this information to assess 你的 reliability as a borrower—whether 你 pay back 你的 loans regularly 和 on time.

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